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Zenith 'Regent' Hearing Aid w/ case

 Artifact — item: TC1982-078-005
Identifier: 1982-78-005

Content Description

This portable mono-pack, or body-type, hearing aid makes use of a vacuum tube for amplification. The device is composed of thin gold-colored metals and dark plastics, overall roughly rectangular--4 1/2"x 2 5/16"x 1". The face is printed with an iconic image of a telephone and the words 'phone magnet'; the manufacturer's name is also present. The combination volume control/on-off dial, tone selector, and microphone switch are all located along the artifact's sides, adjacent to their inscribed labels: VOLUME / TONE / TEL / MIKE. The microphone itself is recessed into a circular depression, flanked by garment clips, and covered with a perforated plate and an embossed manufacturer's logo--a crowned coat-of-arms. The back is inscribed: Zenith / REGENT / the royalty of hearing. The 22-volt 'B' battery and the additional 'A' battery [both absent] may be accessed through a hinged compartment on this side; the 'Zenith' brand logo is printed here along with diagrams and two statements: GUARANTEE VOID IF THIS COVER IS REMOVED / CAUTION: REMOVE DEAD BATTERIES AT ONCE. REMOVE BATTERIES IF INSTRUMENT IS NOT TO BE USED FOR 24 HOURS. WHEN REPLACING BATTERIES WIPE ENDS AND CONTACT SPRINGS WITH DRY CLOTH. A hinged lid bisects the faux-leather case. The interior is outfitted with yellow satin and dark blue felt; the tray is indented, allowing the instrument to fit snugly in place. The box is overall rectangular with rounded corners-- 1 1/4"x 4 1/4"x 5 5/8".

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  • Creation: Circa 1952



0 Cubic Feet (Dimensions: 7cm x 19cm x 5cm)