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Assorted Pharmaceutical Bottles, 20, A. H. Robins -- (Part 18 of 20)

 Artifact — item: TC2002-015-014-0r
Identifier: 2002-15-14-r

Content Description

A. H. Robins produced all these pharmaceuticals. Each has a paper label that is either white or beige in color, featuring black and green print. The name of each drug is contained within a black rectangle. There is a pair of parallel green lines running at the top and bottom margin of the labels, along with the manufacturer's logo - name in all cap's, with an overlarge letter R. Each includes text indicating dosage, warnings, descriptions, and other pertinent information. Seven of the bottles are capped with childproof screw-lids made of white opaque plastic and molded with instructions on their top surfaces. Two are capped with regular plastic screw-lids, beige in color; one has a grooved edge, while the other is smooth and has a molded pattern on top -a circle surrounded by triangles. The remaining 11 bottles are capped with painted metal lids. Most are white or beige in color, with the exception of a single black and a single blue lid. One cap has the manufacturer's logo; another features the word Lilly in red cursive; some have paper labels affixed to them. 16 of the bottles are made of brown glass; one has a rectangular profile, while the all the others are cylindrical. 3 of the bottles are made of opaque, white plastic having a rectangular profile; their labels are affixed on the shorter length, running onto the adjacent sides. A single clear glass bottle is rectangular in profile, and two large, black capsules can be seen stuck both to each other and the interior wall. The largest bottle is 4 1/2" tall, with a widest diameter of 2 1/8". The smallest is 2 1/2" tall, with a widest diameter of 1 1/4".

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  • Creation: Between 1970 and 1982



0 Cubic Feet (Dimensions: 2.5cm x 6.75cm x 4.5cm)