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Assorted Instruments: hemoglobin scale, reflex hammer, dispenser -- (Part 3 of 3)

 Artifact — item: TC2002-017-011-0c
Identifier: 2002-17-11-c

Content Description

The FEOSOL HEMOGLOBIN SCALE / FIFTH EDITION is bound like a thin booklet, stapled along the left side. The cover is laminated, printed in blue, and gives the manufacturer as SMITH, KLINE, & FRENCH LABORATORIES / PHILADELPHIA, PA. The inner side of this cover is printed with text advertising FEOSOL brand elixir and tablets as "standard forms of iron therapy." The scale itself is on the next page; a small spectrum of eight opaque, rectangular swatches run from salmon-red to deep red in color, each perforated with a punched hole and labeled in percentage and grams. Instructions are included in the several paragraphs just above the scale's information table. The reverse side explains how the standards were devised and how "instead of color printing, synthetic resin paints have been sprayed upon individual color chips." Four pages of blotter paper, between two sheets of wax paper, are bound into the pamphlet next. The remainder is devoted to the advertisement of other drugs manufactured by Smith, Kline, & French. This item is 6"x 4 1/16". This reflex hammer is composed of two parts. The percussor-head is an isosceles triangle of thick, dark red rubber with rounded corners and a cracking surface. It is wedged tightly in an elliptical loop, which extends into a chromed brass handle. This handle is inscribed with the manufacturer's name - ADAMS USA - and further labeled with the name BRADLEY, hand-scratched into the metal. The handle's end flares out from the narrow shaft, flattening into a blade-like shape with shallow concavities at either side. This instrument is 7 5/8" tall and 2 1/4" at its widest point. This tall, cylindrical, chromed brass jar is capped at the end with a simple lid inscribed with the manufacturer's name - SHARP & SMITH / CHROME USA. Contained within is a spring-loaded, cylindrical dispenser of significantly smaller diameter. Its tip is perforated with an aperture, while its opposite end is stopped with a cap held in place by two small protuberances locking into corresponding slots. The tube is affixed to a rectangular plate, which acts as a partition when placed inside the housing. This artifact is 6 1/2" tall and 2" in diameter.

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  • Creation: Between 1930 and 1950


0 Cubic Feet (Dimensions: 2.5cm x 6.75cm x 4.5cm)